Norway Shrimp – the largest and best shrimps on the market

The cold, crystal clear arctic waters of Finnmark, Norway, contribute to shrimps growing slowly, but become large and very tasteful. The Varanger Fiord is renowned for its shrimps, and is our most important catch area. Located by the Varanger Fiord we have easy access to the best shrimp grounds.

Our main product today is cooked, large, shelled shrimps. In order to secure stable and safe deliveries, we are also involved in catching and storing live shrimps. This is based on catch by trawling or pots. This will give us new products, such as raw and live shrimps.

Shrimps must be supplied quickly to the market

With long experience from supplying live crabs, we have a very efficient and well developed packing and distribution system and can supply shrimps to large parts of the world quickly and efficiently.

Finnmark, the northernmost region of Norway, is a long way from all markets. In order to maintain and preserve the unique quality all the way to the consumer, it’s crucial to get the shrimps out of the sea, quickly to shore and quickly out to the market. Our unique packing method contributes to quality assurance of the shrimps during transport. Our sales and distribution company, Troika Seafood, assists us in the market and distribution process.

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We invest a lot in research and development

Innovative customers demand innovative solutions from us as a supplier.

In cooperation with our associated company Norway King Crab and competent, creative fishermen, we run several R&D projects. One of these projects is pot fishing for live shrimps. This contributes to optimal regularity, as well as enabling us to develop new, exciting products, such as raw and live shrimps for our national and international markets. As a part of our R&D work, we have already successfully received, stored and supplied live shrimps. Our aim is to commercialize catch, storage and regular supply of live, raw and cooked shrimps to the whole world.

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